Repairs & Services

Proudly approved service repair workshop of Lincoln and Panasonic

Direct welding provides only the best service and therefore have an “onsite technician” that can attend to the product at the client’s premises. If for any reason the product is not repairable at the client’s premises, we will bring it to our workshop for  a quotation.


Our much focused and highly trained technicians can repair all makes and models of welding machines from inverter welders to big diesel welders and even cutting machines as well as all welding and cutting torches. They will inspect, test, calibrate (if needed) and provide you with a quotation to repair your equipment; it can be done either on site or at our facility in Pretoria. We will also provide you with a report and calibration papers (if needed). Should you have any specific requirements or need technical advice, we will be more than willing to assist in the best possible way.


We are a proud, authorized repair center of Panasonic Welding and Lincoln Electrical SA and build our reputation on providing professional, efficient workmanship. Our service and repair center is  highly recommended by all our clients.

We carry a wide variety of products from all the top manufacturers of welding equipment and welding supplies.